Tuscarora Indian intarsia

Tuscarora Lapidary Society, Inc.
24 Upland Road, Brookhaven, PA 19015

The Tuscarora Lapidary Society is a non-profit educational corporation, and Pennsylvania Purely Public Charity, organized to encourage and teach the science and art of lapidary (the cutting and polishing of gemstones), as well as the arts and sciences associated with lapidary interests.

Come explore gem cutting, jewelry making, and related arts and sciences with us.

We teach the journey from rocks to gems to jewelry.




American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS)
Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies (EFMLS)
Gem Artists of North America (G.A.N.A.)
            – Professionals and artists. Check out their gallery!
The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
International Gem Society (IGS)
            – Much educational information.
International Guild of Wire Jewelry Artists
            – A non profit umbrella organization promoting wire art jewelry.
Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen
            – Promotes, encourages, and helps to develop quality contemporary and heritage crafts.

Delaware County Arts Consortium

The Delaware County Arts Consortium (DCAC) is a collaborative association of cultural groups in Delaware County working to advance the economic vitality of the nonprofit arts & culture community, to promote the value of cultural resources to the local community, and to share information, ideas and resources to better serve Delaware County.

Delaware County Arts Consortium website


Click on the logo to the left for the Delaware County Arts Consortium website. There you will find links to the webpages for member organizations as well as a display of events that the member organizations currently have posted on the Phillyfunguide.


Canadian Rockhound Magazine
            – A social networking site for collectors of minerals, fossils, and gemstones.
Lapidary Journal
            – Lapidary and jewelry arts.
Lithographie LLC
            – A mineralogical/geological book publisher, including the English language editions of the
             prestigious German mineralogical series extraLapis.
Rock & Gem
            – A magazine for the lapidary and mineral hobbyist.

Educational Sites - General

Bob's Rock Shop
            – On-line exhibit, (with a link to Rock & Gem Magazine online) Bulletin board, shareware,
            software, articles, essays, contests, classified ads, US club list, and much more. 
Enchanted Learning
            – A website with a jewelry glossary page using many photographs.
The Image
            – Spellbinding site with excellent quality images and tutorials.
US Geological Survey Site
            – All about mineral resources.
Information on Moissanite
Museum of Mineralogy
            – Specimen photographs. Search by country of origin, mineral name, and quality of samples.
            In French and English.
Mineralogy Database
            – Contains descriptions of 4,714 mineral species with pictures, data and links.

Educational Sites - Faceting

The Faceting Dictionary
            – Compiled and edited by Fred Van Sant
            – Directions for a make-it-yourself faceting machine and much more.
United States Faceters Guild
            – Newsletter information, competitions, conferences.

Educational Sites - Wire Wrapping

Wire Artists Group
            – Formed to further the interests of artists who use wire to create beautiful jewelry.

Faceting Suppliers

Facet Shoppe
            – Rough, jewelry, supplies and a link to Faceter's Digest.
Faceting Accessories
Graves Faceting Machines
            – Faceting machine company.
            – Faceting machine company.
The Rock Peddler


GeoScience Books
            – A source of out-of-print books and overstocks.


Please visit our list of dealers and vendors who come to our annual gem, jewelry and mineral show - Gemarama.