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Tuscarora Lapidary Society, Inc.
24 Upland Road, Brookhaven, PA 19015

The Tuscarora Lapidary Society is a non-profit educational corporation, and Pennsylvania Purely Public Charity, organized to encourage and teach the science and art of lapidary (the cutting and polishing of gemstones), as well as the arts and sciences associated with lapidary interests.

Come explore gem cutting, jewelry making, and related arts and sciences with us.

We teach the journey from rocks to gems to jewelry.


Public Events

We, the Tuscarora Lapidary Society (TLS), want to share our skills and love of the lapidary arts with the public. We take seriously our motto of “Teaching Learning Sharing.”

Events and activities of the Tuscarora Lapidary Society that are open to the public include the following.  Click on the links for more detailed information found elsewhere on our website.

Gemarama, our annual gem, jewelry, and mineral show, is an outstanding example of our connection with the public. We draw people from the tri-state area, give free admission to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts wearing their uniforms and accompanied by an adult Scout master, and have a special area set up for children to play games and make crafts with a lapidary theme. We also demonstrate our lapidary and jewelry skills at the show and have formal displays of our rock specimens and many lapidary items created by TLS members.

In addition, we offer classes in the lapidary arts and jewelry making at a very reasonable rate, thanks to our society members who teach on a voluntary basis. Our teachers are very skilled at their craft (some of them are in the jewelry-designing and -making trade), offering some of the finest skills and knowledge available.

We hold our General Meetings on the second Wednesdays of each month, except during the summer, and invite the public to come, meet us, and enjoy each month’s program or speaker. These meetings are open to everyone.

We occasionally set up temporary displays about varied geological and lapidary themes at secured locations in places such as schools and libraries.

We at TLS enjoy sharing our very special interests and talents with the public and encourage anyone who’s interested in geology, rocks, lapidary arts, and jewelry making to inquire about our programs, classes, visits to the Education Center, or General Meetings. We’re more than happy to answer your questions and provide further information on any of the lapidary arts. We’re also always pleased to meet other rockhounds or would-be rockhounds. Please join us in the fun.


Most children, of all ages, have a natural interest in rocks and go through a stage (sometimes lasting a lifetime) of picking up interesting rocks and keeping them. TLS shares this interest and our many members are delighted to encourage it and to teach skills they have learned over the years to our students and the public. TLS has often been sought out by schools and clubs (such as the Boy and Girl Scouts of America) to offer programs about rocks and geology or jewelry making. We can hold programs at our Education Center or can take portable programs to locations such as schools and local community venues.  If you are interested in obtaining a speaker or a demonstration, please contact us through our Contact page.


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